Sunday, October 26, 2008

UFC 90 Review

Well, just like I thought, the most exciting bout on the card was definitely not the main event. That has to be one of the biggest anti climaxes in UFC history and I don't just mean how the fight ended. The rest of the fights on the main card except for the Gray Maynard fight were exciting so at least it wasn't a total disappointment but I was right that this card as a whole felt a little forced. With that said let's break down the fight and see how I did:

Pete Sell v. Josh Burkman: Sell won a unanimous decision. I can't start the night on the right foot as I was wrong here.

Hermes Franca v. Marcus Aurelio: Franca wins the decision getting me back on the right foot as I picked this fight perfectly.

Matt Horwich v. Dan Miller: I was close on this one but no cigar. Horwich wins the unanimous decision.

Spencer Fisher v. Shannon Gugerty: Fisher wins by submission in the third. I got the pick right but not the prediction leveling my record out.

Thales Leites v. Drew McFedries: This fight went EXACTLY like I thought it would. Leites took the fight to the ground quickly and McFedries looked helpless giving up his back immediately and getting choked out in the first. Another perfect pick for me.

Sean Sherk v. Tyson Griffin: Honestly I should've seen this fight coming but I thought Sherk would not want to stand and bang with Griffin who I thought had the better stand up coming into the fight (and he still is the better striker in my mind). It was Sherk's take downs that won him the very close unanimous decision. Again I picked the fight perfectly.

Fabricio Werdum v. Junior Dos Santos: Santos scores the shocking upset knocking out Werdum in the first round. After Werdum's last two fights I really thought his stand up was better than that and I figured he would take the fight down to the ground ASAP. Unfortunately neither proved to be true and Dos Santos caught him with a vicious upper cut that ended the fight. I was WAY off on this one.

Gray Maynard v. Rich Clementi: This fight also went exactly like I thought it would. Maynard repeatedly took Rich down and just controlled him for most of the fight. Yes it was boring and he apologized for that. But he still won the fight and I still picked the result right on the button.

Thiago Alves v. Josh Koscheck: ANOTHER fight that I picked perfectly (I'm on a roll tonight folks). Alves stood and banged with Koscheck who was unable to get the fight to the ground as Alves pulled out the decision. Props to Kos for taking the fight on short notice and hopefully he's cleared to fight in a couple months on Fight Night but Alves is obviously the number 1 contender at welterweight now. Unfortunately with the schedule of GSP fighting BJ Penn next year Alves looks like he'll have to win one more fight to get his title shot.

Anderson Silva v. Patrick Cote: This fight will not count against my record even though technically the result was what I predicted. This fight was a travesty. Silva looked like he was just messing around and sparring for two rounds before Cote blew out his knee on a freak jump kick accident. This fight was not entertaining at all through the first two rounds as neither guy barely threw anything minus a wild exchange or two. This was an embarrassing fight for Silva and the UFC. This was a joke of a main event and I'm not sure what the UFC does now. It'll be interesting to see what unfolds from this.

Overall the night wasn't a total wash but when the main event is so underwhelming it's hard to salvage the rest of the night. Overall I went 6-3 plus 5 bonus bonus points for picking the fights perfectly. This was not my best night record wise but in terms of actual predictions this was my best night since starting this blog. This was a great bounce back night for me after last week's debacle. Stay tuned for my TUF 8 review later this week. Until then,

Soccer kicks and head stomps...

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