Thursday, October 23, 2008

TUF 8 Episode 6

This episode was alright. I just can't wait for the episodes with two fights and the semis to start because these quarter final fights are not treading water right now. The first half of the show was the lead up to Junie v. Roli and everyone in the house disrespecting how Roli got his BJJ black belt. I'm not saying he has a legit black belt but you don't just straight disrespect a guy's black belt without knowing the facts first but then again I over estimate these morons as usual (including Frank Mir). So there's a lot of back and forth about how Roli is a fake and how Junie will dominate. Then there are the prerequisite training sequences and weigh ins (which Junie almost blows and Mir is pissed as I would be). And at the fight announcement Junie takes a fake black belt with "McDojo" written on it and throws it at Roli's feet and spits on it which everyone was appalled at. With all the fake drama out of the way we can finally get into the fight:

Round 1: Both of these guys decide to stand and bang (which is idiotic for Roli) and Junie turns into an absolute retard and lets Roli punch him a few times to prove how tough he is. I'm not saying it was stupid because he could've gotten knocked out because he couldn't. Roli hits like a wet noodle. But those punches racked up points that won Roli the round.

Round 2: Junie is gassing but somehow lands some great body shots and even drops Roli (which Roli claimed was a slip... yeah, a slip of consciousness) but cannot finish the fight. Roli, in trouble now, tries to get the fight to the ground but simply isn't skilled enough or strong enough to do it. This was a strong comeback for Junie.

Round 3: Again it's a stand up war which I simply can't understand outside of the fact that Roli proved how bad he is at take downs (which makes your BJJ pretty useless Roli, this kids a mess of a fighter). In any case it was actually a fairly even round in terms of stand up and I would've give the fight to Roli who obviously doesn't have the power of Junie but was much crisper with his strikes. But obviously the judges picked Junie based on his ability to stun Roli repeatedly even if he didn't land as many quality strikes.

The fight was downright awful. It was amateurish at best. Roli did not use an inkling of his BJJ which is ridiculous considering that is his only strength. Junie who should've dominated on the feet, and was actually able to keep it there, fought like a drunken idiot allowing Roli to hit him and gassing immediately by throwing wildly the whole fight. After the fight Junie makes a half assed apology about his black belt stunt but no one cares. I'm happy this fight and this episode is over and we can put it behind us. Even though I'm totally rooting against Junie now I really did think he was the best 155 fighter in the house but that is in serious doubt now. I think 155 is totally up for grabs. Here's to next week being a better episode and a better fight. Stay tuned for my UFC 90 review this weekend. Until then,

Soccer kicks and head stomps...

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