Friday, October 31, 2008

TUF 8 Review

Hey folks, it's time for my weekly TUF recap. This week the fight was actually less interesting than the drama unfortunately. This week's fight was between Jules and Vinny. The Blue team pulled a great prank on Jules setting up a tomb stone and body bag on his bed. That was the most well executed prank I've seen on the show (even if it wasn't original). Also there was a lot of drama between Vinny and Nogueira as Vinny started running his mouth saying he was better at BJJ than Nogueira. In a pure sense Vinny might be but in terms of MMA there's no way in hell. There was a lot of back and forth between the two teams. Everyone on Blue thought Vinny was an absolute beast especially on the ground and thought Jules didn't belong in the same ring. Everyone on the Red team thought that Vinny was a pretty boy (i.e. no chin, no heart) and would get KO'd by Jules' stand up. I think Vinny is an arrogant prick and I was rooting against him but I did think he was the favorite. Let's get into the fight:

Round 1: This was possibly the most boring stand up I've ever seen. Jules barely threw a punch and Vinny's stand up is so rudimentary he must've been embarrassed. Thank god Vinny got the fight to the ground before the round was over and tapped out Jules (who had absolutely no ground defense) with an arm bar inside of ten seconds.

It was not an impressive win since this is how most people thought it would go and Vinny showed no improvement in his stand up. However, if Vinny can get the fight to the ground he's probably the most dangerous guy in the house at 205. Unfortunately he has to get through a couple real tough wrestlers that can stuff his shot and KS who's stand up is second to none in the house (except that he hurt himself in training which could be a major blow when it comes his turn to fight two episodes from now). Sorry this was so short but not much happened this week. Stay tuned for my WEC preview this weekend. Until then,

Soccer kicks and head stomps...

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