Thursday, May 8, 2008

TUF Episode 6

This week's TUF featured two pre-lim fights. The first fight supposedly was to settle the beef between Jeremy May and Matt Brown (although I highly doubt it has). It was obvious before the fight that everyone in the house had turned on May as even his own team mates were giving away his weaknesses and most of them confessed they hoped he'd lose. With that, let's dive into the fight:

Round 1 - The opposite of what I thought would happen happened. May came out guns blazing while Brown looked very cool and even sluggish. May landed some good shots but Brown caught him with a counter punch that knocked May down and Brown went to work with some light ground and pound, although neither of them looked good on the ground (which was supposed to be May's strong point with "Jeremy - Jitsu" or whatever bull**** he called it). Eventually May got back to his feet but was totally gassed and could not hold his own as Brown (who does have solid stand up) landed a devastating knee and then knocked May out with a sweet head kick.

Overall it was a brawl and not a technical fight but it was still fun to watch and I was happy Brown won which will hopefully shut up May for at least a little while (even though immediately after the fight May called it a lucky win, so we may never hear the end from Jeremy).

The next fight featured Luke Zachrich vs. Daniel Cramer.

Round 1: Both fighters came out swinging in what looked like a fight that may not go 30 seconds. Obviously Cramer does not have heavy hands as he kept landing clean shots and Zachrich would not go down. In fact Luke got the only major takedown of the round and even got Cramer's back but could not finish the fight as time ran out.

Round 2: Both fighters were very tired in the second round and it showed as the pace of the fight slowed considerably. However, Cramer was able to impose his will on Luke by taking him to the ground and putting on a ground and pound clinic that eventually forced the ref to stop the fight.

Again this was not a good technical battle but it was a war and one of the most competitive fights I've seen on TUF in some time. Both these kids deserve a fight in the finale whether Cramer makes the finals or not.

Overall a great episode featuring two fights, very little training (which is so monotonous), and only a little house drama (which is a total waste of time unless it builds to a fight in the cage which in this case it did). I was proud of Rampage for taking the first loss like a man this week and not whining about May going down (although maybe Rampage was happy to see him go down like everyone else in the house). But you could still tell that Rampage was very happy to have control of the fights and to finally get on the board. With things standing at 4-1 for Team Forrest I don't see Rampage evening things up but I could see a 5-3 situation happening. It finally looks like this season could get a little more interesting. That's it for this week. I'm sorry there haven't been more posts but it's been a rough week. Hopefully I'll have some more tidbits for you soon. Until then,

Soccer kicks and head stomps...

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