Friday, May 2, 2008

Random Thoughts 5/2/08

Here are some of the latest headlines:

MMA regulation has finally landed in Arizona. Yet another state that has realized the revenue this incredible sport can generate. The Phoenix/Scottsdale area will be a great destination for future MMA events. I don't see the UFC running there anytime soon but with the way the UFC is branching out from its' Las Vegas base I wouldn't be surprised to see an event there within the next 18 months. Being from NY I can't understand what my state's reservations are about bringing the fastest rising sport in the country into NY. They would sell out MSG in minutes and would for sure have the most raucous crowd they've ever had. But my own personal gripes aside it's good to see more states coming around and seeing the light. It's only a matter of time before MMA is legal across the country.

Rich Franklin ponders moving up in weight class. Undoubtedly Franklin could hold his own considering his size and strength has always been an advantage at 185. However, I'm not sure his power will translate to 205 as effectively as him and his camp might think. While it makes sense as a career move until someone figures out a way to beat Anderson Silva, I'm not sold on this as anything more than a marketing ploy to keep Franklin as a legitimate fighter in the UFC. I would like to see him fight at 205 before making any other conjectures but I'm very much on the fence about this one.

Chase Beebe is looking to make his comeback at the upcoming WEC event on June 1st. He lost his title to Miguel Torres in February and is looking to bounce back in a big way against Will Ribeiro. This fight, along with the Rob McCullough fight, is big as both fighters can look for immediate rematches with the guys who beat them if they can both pull out the win (assuming Torres can defend his title on the 1st).

That's it for now, but keep it tuned next week for all the latest and greatest in MMA.

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