Friday, May 15, 2009

The Ultimate Fighter Nine: Episode Seven Review

I'm back in action this week after DVR issues derailed my review last week. Sorry about that folks. Unfortunately I didn't come back to much of an episode.

This week started out innocently enough with what appeared to be the build up to a Jason Pierce v. David Faulkner match up. This was very weird considering Richie Whitson and Ross Pearson fought. I've never seen them hype a fight when it wasn't going to happen in that episode. However, with the lack of content in this episode I guess they had some time they needed to fill.

There was some concern on the part of Whitson as to whether or not he could fight. Whitson contracted an infection (which turned up in a very unfortunate location - his mouth - leading everyone to dub it herpes) and couldn't train most of the week. Unfortunately since Team UK had the pick there was no mercy for Whitson.

Something tells me if Team USA had the pick Henderson would've held back Whitson especially since Whitson is a Team Quest guy and Dan would want to put him in the best position possible to win.

The only person in the house who seemed to really freak out about the infection was Jason Pierce who must've used an entire can of disinfectant spraying down all his belongings and everything he uses in the house.

We start getting into the training sessions which do not go as planned for some. Team USA's coaches question Pierce's heart and work ethic after he leaves the training session before it's over. On the UK side Bisping's attempt to get the guys in shape using the sledgehammer on the tire drill was an utter failure. The mat, floor, and Faulkner's leg were all casualties of that debacle. Faulkner suffered some very serious bruising that may play into if and when he can fight.

Then it came time for one of my favorite parts of every season: the coach's challenge. This season it was tennis. I don't think I've ever seen two worse tennis players in my entire life than Henderson and Bisping.

It was pretty funny trying to watch these guys play tennis but amazingly Henderson beat down Bisping six games to two to win the challenge. Henderson earned himself a quick $10k while his team each pocketed $1,500.

The match up between Whitson and Pearson is finally announced leaving me to scratch my head and wonder why the first half of the show was devoted to Pierce and Faulkner if they weren't fighting this week. There is a strange out take back at the house for Whitson's birthday which somehow morphed into Cameron Dollar crying like a baby over how he misses his family and wants to go home. Remember folks, this is the guy who in the first week at the house boasted about how many chicks he "humped" and having sex with his friend's wife. It's idiots like him that make me question why I love this show.

Finally after 50 minutes of nonsense we finally get to see some action. Unfortunately that was a let down too. Pearson got into the cage and dominated the fight.

Pearson had the better stand up and he was more aggressive. He finally stopped toying around long enough to take Whitson down and lock in an arm bar for the win in the first round.

This puts Team USA's deficit at 4-2 with only two fights remaining in the quarterfinals. The last two match ups will feature the fight that was inexplicably highlighted this week between friends Pierce and Faulkner. The other match up will pit Jason Dent v. Jeff Lawson.

As always I end with my quote of the week. This week it belongs to Martin Stapleton describing Henderson's serve during the tennis match: "Straight out of the Serena f---ing Williams’ handbook, they were." I have two things to say about this:

1. Why did you just compare Henderson to a female tennis player?
2. This is the worst use of hyperbole I've seen out of anyone on the show who wasn't drunk. Henderson's serve wouldn't stack up to my 13 year old nephew let alone a professional - male or female.

Alright folks, that's it for this week. Hopefully next week will be more compelling so I'll have something fun to recap for you. Until then,

Soccer kicks and head stomps...

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