Thursday, November 13, 2008

TUF 8 Review

This week was one of the best episodes of the season. This week Dave Kaplan got blitzed after losing his fight and had Lawlor knock him out (hilarious). Then a couple solid pranks were pulled. Fortunately no one's bodily fluids were involved this week. First, while KS was at training the red team moved every conceivable piece of furniture into KS' room and labeled it the UFC storage room. Then in retaliation (though it affected the blue team as much as the red) KS moved the entire kitchen set out to the basketball court. I thought these were the best pranks of the season and it was good to see everyone had a good time with it instead of everyone getting pissed off at each other.

After this was the coach's challenge. This years challenge was a penalty kick shoot out in soccer. Mir thought he was at a serious disadvantage going up against Nogueira who is Brazilian. Little did he know Nogueira is awful at soccer. Both of these guys were hilarious. Neither of them could shoot and if Mir had to move more than an inch to block a ball he wouldn't do it. Thank god Nogueira won otherwise it would've been really embarrassing. And if you need proof as to why Frank Mir is a huge a-hole and why I'm rooting for the red team to win every fight it's because of comments like the ones he made after the challenge. He wouldn't accept defeat. He chalked it up to Nogueira being Brazilian and how Nogueira should be embarrassed he didn't win by more. Then he went on to talk about how he's a much better athlete at any other sport in the world. This guy is such a dick and I can't wait for Nogueira to beat his ass in the cage in December.

After this there was the requisite training sessions (which included KS' coach Dan Henderson making a special appearance) and weigh in leading up to the fight. This week KS fought Kyle Kingsbury for the last semi final spot at 205. KS was touted as having the best stand up in the house but he hurt his thumb pretty bad so people weren't overly confident. Kingsbury has decent stand up with no ground game but everyone gave him a puncher's chance due to his heart. Let's get into the fight:

Round 1: KS came right out swinging and Kyle had no answer. KS landed some good shots and took Kyle down and quickly finished the fight by arm bar showing that there might be more to KS' game than people thought.

This fight basically went as most people expected with KS winning pretty handily. He is definitely still a favorite to make it to the final even with the broken hand. Next week is the last 155 fight between Roop and Polakowski. It won't be a barn burner but it could wind up being entertaining. Stay tuned for my UFC 91 wrap up this weekend and my TUF 8 recap next week. Until then,

Soccer kicks and head stomps...

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