Friday, October 17, 2008

TUF 8 Review

Hey everyone it's that time of the week again. Time for my TUF 8 review. This week was not a particularly good episode. Literally more than half the time was spent on the stupid pranks that were being pulled in the house. Somehow Junie jumping the cage in the last episode and having to be restrained by the coaches was a non issue (though Dana White said if the athletic commissioner had been there Junie would be off the show - oh really? Then why don't you do the right thing too Dana!?). However, it was quite obvious Frank Mir regrets choosing Junie and is no longer a fan once he got embarrassed (not that that's selfish or anything Frank). So half the episode was built around the stupid pranks being pulled in the house (frozen underwear, itching powder, sardines in beds, and even one dude's bed getting peed on which in my opinion is like 1000 ft over the line). In any case the fighters weren't getting enough sleep and when Nogueira asked Efrain what was going on that they weren't getting enough sleep he told Nogueira about the pranks which got Nogueira upset. Nogueira tried to talk to Frank about toning it down and Frank had no interest in it. That's fine. If you are ok with the pranks that's one thing but the way he just brushed off Nogueira was totally disrespectful. Every show I watch I hate Frank Mir more and more and hope that Nogueira POUNDS him in their fight (or at least humiliates Frank and possibly breaks something).

From there Nogueira tries to go to the house and calm things down but most of the blue team wasn't having any of it. The red team looked kind of pissed that their coach was being so thoroughly disrespected but I will say that they did kind of look like cry babies by having the coach come over to try and stop the blue team from pulling pranks. Obviously that talk did nothing. So with that whole non event over (again, it took a half hour!) it was time to move on to the fight which they made seem like an after thought. This week's match up was Eliot Marshall v. Shane Primm. Both guys are ground specialists but everyone knows Primm wants to keep it on the feet because Eliot is supposed to be better on the ground. However, everyone has questioned Eliot's fighting prowess because he seems to train much better than he fights (considering he actually lost his fight to get into the house). With that said let's get into the fight.

Round 1: Eliot just comes out and dominates Primm. Primm tries to stand but Eliot takes him to the ground quickly and immediately mounts. Primm had absolutely no defense. He eventually had to turtle up which allowed Eliot to dominate from Primm's back and after pounding him for awhile eventually sunk in the rear naked choke when Primm gassed.

This was a great turnaround for Eliot and showed what he could do if he channeled his skills into a real fight instead of just rolling in practice. Next week showcased that Junie will finally fight again and this time it's against Roli Delgado (another guy who lost his entry fight) and it seems like the entire blue team including Frank Mir will challenge his credentials as a BJJ black belt. I don't think Junie will lose but god I sure hope he does especially after hearing him say earlier in the episode that going on the show was the biggest mistake of his life. I'm totally over Junie and team Mir as a whole. I'm rooting strictly for Nogueira and his team. I hope they route team Mir from this moment on.

Alright folks that's all for now. Stay tuned this weekend for my UFC 89 review. Until then,

Soccer kicks and head stomps...

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