Thursday, October 9, 2008

TUF 8 Episode 4 Review

This week was one of the worst episodes I've ever seen. Junie is an absolute nut case and I'm sick of his bull****. The first HALF, yes HALF, of the episode was dedicated to him and Shane Nelson getting blitzed and then starting fights with everyone in the house and destroying the furniture. I can only take so much of this. Look I understand he probably has had a very hard life (I'm not sure what Nelson's excuse was). But he obviously has some deep rooted emotional issues (bipolar, manic depressive, whatever) and he also has alcohol abuse issues which only worsens these episodes. Dana White put it correctly when he said that they're both jackasses when they drink and that there is no excuse. So why did he give them another chance!? Even he couldn't explain it! Yes Junie was my favorite to win 155 but you can't have guys like him representing the UFC or MMA fighters in general on a show that reaches millions of viewers. I can't stand the fact that the show has degenerated so far so quickly this season. If it weren't for the other 90% of the house who appear to be if not stand up, at least somewhat normal guys I would've stopped watching already. I was so happy when they finally got down to business and started prepping for the fight between Nelson and Efrain (who had beefed during Nelson's drunken tirade).

There was the usual training sequences and weigh in. But before the fight Junie started talking smack to Efrain even after his weepy apology to Dana and everyone else in the house about his behavior. Apparently his jackass qualities don't come out only when he's drunk. Apparently he is just that big of an a-hole. I've officially given up on Junie. It's one thing if you have emotional problems and addiction issues to boot and you need help. It's another thing entirely to just be a general dick. I hope he gets beaten ASAP and taught a real valuable lesson. In any case let's break down the fight:

Round 1: This round basically went as planned with Nelson looking good in the stand up when he stayed on the outside. When Efrain got it to the ground he looked solid but not spectacular landing some decent shots but mostly just controlling the fight.

Round 2: Nelson obviously gassed out in round 1 and came out sluggish even losing the stand up which is inexcusable. Efrain landed some good shots and then was able to take the fight to the ground where he looked much better eventually locking in a triangle choke with a slick fake.

Nelson looked upset but Junie took it even harder than he did. Efrain started taunting Junie and Junie lost it and jumped into the ring only to be held back by both coaches as the episode ended. They allude to Junie being kicked off the show because apparently his actions at the house weren't enough to get him kicked off (ridiculous) but now that he embarrassed Frank Mir in public it's an issue?? What a bunch of hypocrites. I won't be upset if Junie goes home because he deserved to by the time the first half hour of this episode was over. However, I'll also be pissed because it shows what a set of double standards there are and what hypocrites all these people are who run this show. The only person I'm still a fan of at this point is Rodrigo Nogueira. He honestly seems like the only normal person on this whole shipwreck of a season. I honestly haven't seen stuff this bad since Chris Leben on the first season. I hope this season settles down quickly so we can focus on the reason this show is on in the first place - to find the next rising star at 205 and 155. Stay tuned for my UFC 89 preview and my TUF review next week. Until then,

Soccer kicks and head stomps...

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