Thursday, June 5, 2008

TUF 7 Episode 10

This week was a disappointing week. There was literally less than 1 round of fighting and way too much house drama. Jeremy May, who is one of the biggest douschebags I've ever seen, starts trouble with Matt Brown by challenging him to a rematch. Unless you're an established fighter and not some scrub, asking for a rematch is like telling a guy he never really beat you in the first place. He tries to start trouble with Jesse Taylor too by making an anti-Semitic remark (among other smack talk). I know Jesse couldn't hit him otherwise he'd be kicked out but I was hoping the house as a whole would've ganged up on Jeremy and gotten him thrown out. It's unfortunate that such ignorance and racism had to rear their ugly heads on this show where meritocracy is the name of the game, the best fighter wins. What made me even more upset was that even though it wasn't tolerated it wasn't punished either and I think that puts a mark on Dana White and the UFC. No one should have to put up with that level of abuse but especially on TV in front of millions of people.

After all this the fighters also did what they do every season: get drunk and destroy the house. To me it's really sad. These are people with no self control and too much anger. They act like spoiled little brats instead of professional fighters. I accept that not everyone in the house participated but most of them did and I think that's just sad. Again, I think it's ridiculous that the UFC accepts this type of behavior. All this drama and nonsense have nothing to do with why all those guys are there and that is to train, fight, and win. With that being said let's move on to the fights even though there isn't much to say:

Tim Credeur v. Daniel Cramer: Tim had some great lines before the fight but my favorite was the one about "making 16 year old girls across the country cry after I beat Dan". Dan came out swinging and was definitely showing up Tim on their feet and even showed decent wrestling taking Tim down a couple times. However, Tim was much better in the scramble and his BJJ came through as he caught Dan in a heel hook in the first round. Obviously Dan had no ground game otherwise he could've rolled out of the heel hook but he got caught and didn't know what to do and that's how you lose on the ground is when you sit and do nothing. Tim didn't look particularly impressive but he did move on to the semis.

CB Dolloway v. Cale Yarbrough: I thought there would be more smack talk before the fight but there was very little build up. They both took some parting shots at each other but that was about it. This fight went exactly as CB said it would. He took Cale right down to the ground and began beating his ass. There wasn't a lot of power but he continuously threw shots and Cale just turtled up and Herb Dean (who has a notoriously quick trigger) stopped the fight. Cale wasn't really hurt he just didn't really fight back.

I'm really sick of CB. I know he probably has the most talent of any fighter in the house but he's just the most arrogant prick and Forrest agrees. It just sucks that he talks so much smack AND can back it up. I know he deserves to win but I hope he doesn't.

After the fights Rampage showed up late so only Forrest helped Dana choose the semi final bouts. Forrest's plan was to match CB against Jesse and Tim against Amir. However, I think Dana expects CB and Tim to win and wanted to give Tim someone who he could handle a little easier than Amir. I think Amir is the biggest wild card in the bunch which is why he gave him to CB because CB could probably handle him (although even CB admitted that Amir was his toughest match up). Next week will be interesting as Tim and Jesse (who are good friends) go at it to determine which member of Forrest's team is guaranteed a spot in the finals. Alright folks, that's it for this week but stay tuned for my UFC 85 recap and of course my TUF 7 recap next week. Until then,

Soccer kicks and head stomps...

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